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2015 Season Information



2015 All-Stars

Congratulations to all of our 2015 All-Stars.

Your coaches will contact you soon, with information on your first practice.



Adrian Cervantes

Dylan Betker

Justin Bernal

Jaxson Hansen

Cohen Owens

Treyce Wilson

Paula Tahi

Stockton Haslam

Landon Bingham

Gage Bonella

Danny Blaylock

Mikey Wayman

AJ Spicer


Julian Loera

Ethan Leatherwood

Easton Bingham

KC Odekirk

Lincoln Lindsey

Matthew Jones

DaShaun Freeman

Garrett Cousins

Anakin Owens

Tegan Tuckey

Daniel Jaramillo

Max Candelas

Peyton Percival

Koni Tahi


Kyle Reeves

William Taylor

Eric Naeata

Braxton Tuckey

Aschton Montgomery

Andrew Stockholm

Aaron Stockholm

Ben Gallegos

William West

Manuel Pasillas

Anthony Chacon

Javon Lee

Justin Baum

Babe Ruth

Manuel Rubio

Christopher Manzanares

Matthew Montgomery

Anthony Jacobsen

Alex Wilson

Alexander Maravilla

Erick Cordova

Samual Miller

Preston Denos

Trey Erickson

Parker Randall

Carlos Zenteno

Lance Larsen


We wish we could have all of our great players at Granger play All-Stars. 

We thank everyone for another great season.  We made it through the season, even with all the rain.










 Any questions?  Contact us at 

Rainout # 801-432-0222

Field located at 3450 South 4400 West (behind the post office).

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